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New Style interiors is the fresh face of Concepts and Designs who has been in the Interior Designing Field for the past two and a half decades.

At Concepts and Designs we emphasize more on maintaining the quality of the work subjecting every aspect of interior designing to a threadbare analysis, in order to ensure the needs and tastes of our clients that are expected to be addressed effectively. Besides the cost factor, the designs developed by us are made to meet the essential parameters of any interiors viz., anthropometrics, ergonomics, aesthetics and ambience.

Our designers according to the client’s requirements, optimize the space, make functional interior layouts, design every entity of the layout and do the knowledge transfer to our competent executives who in turn translate the inputs to our skilled set of carpenters, painters & other sub-segmental workers.  Ultimately, the most innovatively developed interiors using durable materials blossom to fulfill the dreams of our valuable customers.

We also have a team of experienced & qualified Electrical engineers / electricians who assist in completing our jobs on a turnkey basis/ piecemeal basis.

We have stood firm in the belief to provide the best value for our clients’ budget. With our immense experience in the yester years, we hope to meet your expectations in the present and in the years to come.

From Inception to Completion we have the people we have the expertise.

A set of extremely talented and dedicated team of professionals each with expertise honed with on-site experience for several years make this team a class apart. Success they say is a team game and our success is because of cumulative efforts of our team members each an expert in their area of expertise. Our success could be attributed to the team of architects, interiors designers, electrical engineers, management professionals, civil engineers and a team of dedicated supervisors.

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